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How many times have you received a book about education and thought, “This could never be my school!” Or even worse put it down before you ended the first chapter? If that is the case then fret no more, Behind the Desk is a behind the scenes look of what teachers really go through working with students. Full of first hand experiences from Mrs. Warren’s time in Memphis City Schools to ten years later as she sits down to write the book, Behind the Desk is a page turner for anyone currently in (or contemplating) working in education. As you turn the pages you will literally cry, laugh and even shout in horror…this is what happens “Behind the Desk”. Order the book here.


Keep the Fire Burning:Avoiding Teacher Burnout

In “Keep the Fire Burning: Avoiding Teacher Burnout,” seven classroom teachers give an unparalleled look into their everyday life in the ‘pressure cooker’ known as a classroom. While some of the teachers survived tremendous pressures, others decided it was time to change what it means to them to work in education. Throughout the book, these educators provide real world strategies for overcoming burnout, becoming the best professional you can be and sustaining yourself as an educator. This book will help you refocus your teaching and encourage you as a true expert in your field. Order the  book here.



An experienced speaker, Franchesca brings a mix of her experience in public education and her training to speak about topics ranging from assessment to creating an authentic teacher brand. CLICK HERE for workshop topics available.


Referred to as the "New Teacher Whisperer", Franchesca Warren offers specialized services for both new and veteran teachers. To book a session, click here. CLICK HERE


To read more about the political, social and regional happenings in education please read our award winning blog, click here. CLICK HERE

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