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Franchesca reigns in her influence in education and has excess to the most relevant panelists for any event for potential clients. She can create, plan, promote and facilitate any client’s needs. 

Some of her services include:

imagesSocial Media: Google Hangouts, Webinars, Twitter Events

An experienced user of social media, Franchesca is able to help any client reach their maximum potential of reaching educators via social media. She is able to put together a custom package to plan twitter events, Google Hangouts, Webinars for clients. She is an expert in planning, promoting and facilitating client’s needs.  Using her loyal followers from The Educator’s Room, LLC, Franchesca can harness the right individuals for any project.



A published author, Franchesca is able to use her following of her books, “Keep the Fire Burning: Avoiding Teacher Burnout” and “Behind the Desk: How I Survived My First Ten Years in Education” to help potential clients reach their potential client base.





Blog Posts

An experienced blogger, Franchesca is  an expert in all areas of instruction and curriculum. She is able to create original content for any client  about a variety of issues including: pop culture, education, parenting, relationships among other topics.




An experienced speaker, Franchesca brings a mix of her experience in public education and her training to speak about topics ranging from assessment to creating an authentic teacher brand. CLICK HERE for workshop topics available.


Referred to as the "New Teacher Whisperer", Franchesca Warren offers specialized services for both new and veteran teachers. To book a session, click here. CLICK HERE


To read more about the political, social and regional happenings in education please read our award winning blog, click here. CLICK HERE

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